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FreshPaÇ provides your child with balanced and nutritional meal time lunchbox… delivered to your childs school before 9am every morning. Meal and fruit is packed from 4am in the morning to ensure hygiene and fresh product.

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FreshPaÇ allows parents to spend more time their kids by taking care of kids nutrition

The menu is different everyday of the month. Our package is at a very affordable fee of R999 per month, If you sign up in October for the 4th term you receive 10% of the 4th term only. All meals are freshly cooked and prepared the morning of dispatch. No processed foods are used. We only prepare lamb and chicken lunch boxes.

Our lunchboxes include two fruit a day, Our menu gives you exact details of the daily lunchbox expectations. We provide a treat every Friday. No more hassle with lunch boxes or lunch bags.

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Products are A grade quality
Our Rolls are baked the day before

R949 excl vat for main meal and two fruit per day which includes a Friday treat (premium pacs)

R1149 excl vat for main meal and two fruit per day snack and water everyday. And Friday treat. (Superior pacs)

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Free up and sign up and allow you children to join In and become a FreshPaÇ kid

As a mother do you personally know how regular your kid is… I was also one of those mothers that battle with my kids nutrition because of working to ensure the best for my children. That is why the birth of FreshPaÇ is to lift the stress of your child’s nutritional needs off your shoulders. There is a menu which will be discussed at sign up for the month.

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Sign up…FreshPaÇ memorandum of agreement to make known your kids allergies etc and ensure that your monthly service for lunch boxes are at the best quality.

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Creating an evolution of healthy living starting with you child

FreshPaÇ provides your child with balanced and nutritional meal time lunchbox… delivered to your child school before 9am every morning.

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The Early Childhood Years

  • Young children need to develop healthy eating and physical activity habits early on.  Children pattern habits after parents and caregivers.  Good role models are important.
  • Preschoolers quickly grow and change physically, mentally, and socially.
  • Preschoolers need healthy food to meet their growth and developmental needs. These can best be met by following national and/or local food guide recommendations for ages 2 – 5.
  • Parents and caregivers know the importance of nutrition to a child’s physical and mental development to grow and develop. However, they also need to be good role models.
  • Meal and snack times teach sharing and socializing skills.  Small children have small stomachs and get full quickly. They need child-sized servings for meals and snacks that respect local traditions and customs.
  • Note that even pre-school children can learn basic kitchen and gardening skills.